About Us

What is castingTT.com?

CastingTT.com is a Social Networking portal which combines City Nightlife with the world of Fashion and Entertainment.

The purpose of CastingTT.com is to connect Event Organizers, Casting Directors and Announcers with Talents of any kind and public in general.

Talents are able to apply to Casting Calls or other jobs, Announcers are able to find Talents, Event organizers and Venue owners are able to find people to attend their Events and Users in general are able to find interesting Events in their local area, as well as apply to Casting Calls and Jobs if they consider they fit the requirements needed.

The Casting Calls are meant for actors as well as extras, models, dancers, musicians, comedians, Magicians, acrobats, stylists, photographers, crew and any job that may be related to the world of Entertainment, Fashion, Showbiz and the Performing Arts. 

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