What can Venue Owners do at CastingTT.com?

Venue owners can register, post and promote their Parties and Events so that users may book a ticket to attend them.

What can Normal Users do at CastingTT.com?

.Apply to Casting Calls

.Connect and Socialize with each other.

.Search what´s going on in their city by type, location and date of events.

.Find out who else is going to the same events.

.Message people who are attending scheduled events or any other User they like.

.And much more

What is the Casting Calls section about?

The section Casting Calls works like a job seeking site for jobs in the Entertainment, Fashion and Performing Arts Industry.

Who can post Casting Calls?

Casting Directors or any person who represents a Company that needs Talents can post Castings Calls. We strictly control the authenticity of Casting Announcers in order to avoid abuses and scams.

Who can apply to Casting Calls?

Talents or ANY USER registered at castingTT.com can apply to Casting Calls.

How can I apply to Casting Calls?

.Registering at CastingTT.com or logging in.

.Uploading your info, photos, videos or mp3 to your personal profile.

.Buying credits (or getting them for FREE) and applying for the casting calls or jobs that you think you may be successful at.

Can I apply to Casting Calls from other countries as well as from mine?

Absolutely yes. You may search, find and apply to any Casting Calls from anywhere in the world.

That´s a great chance to get discovered elsewhere and build a career worldwide.

What else can I do inside my personal account?

.Talents/Users may check the Casting Calls they have applied to.

.Announcers can receive the profiles of the Talents that have applied to their posted Casting Calls.

.Talents/Users may read the e-mails received from Casting Directors/Announcers or from other Users.

.Talents/Users may contact any User that they may like or reply to their messages.

.Talents/Users decide whether their profile is visible only to Casting Call Announcers or also to the general public.

.Talents/Users can check Events happening in his city or anywhere and find out who is planning to attend them, communicate with them, Upload Pictures/Videos from an Event that I attended, etc.

.And much more…

Can I send a Casting Call to a person I know?

Yes. Any User or Talent may e-mail Casting Calls info (as well as Events and User´s profiles too) to their friends if he/she thinks that they will be interested in them and that they may do a great job at them.

Can I earn money using this website?

Yes you can and you should! You may earn money while having fun at the same time.

Please read about our Affiliation System to learn how you can earn money while partying and meeting beautiful and talented people.

How does the affiliation system work?

.Affiliates receive a percentage of what Users spend to purchase credits for applying to Casting Calls and for contacting other Users.

.Affiliates may earn money Online promoting their CastingTT.com affiliate link in their Website or Blog or Social Networks.

.Affiliates may earn money Offline offering Discount Coupons to anybody they wish who may end up purchasing CastingTT.com credits.

.Venue owners can also earn commissions by offering Discount Coupons to any person who may end up purchasing credits at CastingTT.com.

How can I start earning money while meeting interesting people?

You need to Log into your CastingTT.com account and apply to be an Affiliate or Promoter.

As soon as your application is approved:

1-You will have an affiliate URL, which you can send to people or insert your Blog, your Website, your Facebook/Twitter/Youtube account (or any other social network account). You will receive US$ 2 for each user that registers using your affiliate URL, and ends up buying credits within 30 days.

2-You will be able to Generate Coupon Codes, Print them, Send them online or Handle them in person hand to hand to the people you like. You will earn US$ 2 per each Coupon that you handle to someone who uses it. And the recipient who receives your Coupon will get a US$ 0.5 discount if she/he buys credits using your Coupon Code.

Example: Say you meet some good looking or talented person you like in your classroom, in the street, in the bus, in the subway, in a shop, at a bar, etc and you think that person would do a great job at Casting Calls. Then you may approach that person, let know your opinion about her/his Talent Potential and offer her/him a flyer or a card with the Discount Coupon Code that you generated inside your account written on it (maybe even with your Username or email too!). Besides feeling grateful for your compliment, your admired person will get a US$ 0.5 discount if she/he registers at CastingTT.com using your Coupon Code and purchases credits, and you will automatically get a cash commission of US$ 2 straight into your account.

How can I cash my earned Affiliate Commissions?

You just need to provide your Paypal account e-mail and request a cash withdrawal as soon as you reach a minimum threshold amount in your CastingTT.com account.

Your money will then be transferred into your Paypal account (minus the Paypal commission, which is around 3%).

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